Terea Silver

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IQOS TEREA Silver is a well-balanced blend of toasted tobacco and somewhat spicy herb fragrance components.

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IQOS offers a tobacco stick called TEREA Silver. It is a well-balanced blend of toasted tobacco and somewhat spicy herb fragrance components. It is intended only for use with the IQOS ILUMA range of devices.

Made with a special combination of premium-grade tobacco, IQOS TEREA Silver. When you use it, you get tobacco vapour that is far less toxic than cigarette smoke.

The latest Terea Smartcore stick’s tobacco is heated by the IQOS ILUMA’s Smartcore Induction System.


The following details apply to IQOS Terea Silver:

  • Aroma: A well-balanced mixture of mildly spicy herb aromas and toasted tobacco.
  • Strength: Provides a distinctive and robust tobacco experience.
  • Saturation: Provides a steady, tasty flavour with every puff
  • Specifically made to work with IQOS Iluma devices, compatibility
  • Technology for heating: The freshly introduced Terea Smartcore stick’s Smartcore Induction Mechanism heats the tobacco inside.
  • Flavour: A mild flavour with traces of sweetness and acidity
  • Crafting: Carefully crafted to provide ideal heating and extract the genuine aroma of tobacco
  • Durability: Carefully constructed with premium materials to guarantee its endurance

How to use

Terea Silver can be used for the following purposes:

  • Slide the IQOS ILUMA’s cap open.
  • Make sure the logo is facing up when you put the Terea stick inside the IQOS ILUMA holder.
  • In order to get the IQOS ILUMA to vibrate and its Status Light(s) to pulse, hold the switch for a minimum of one second.
  • Maintain the Terea stick’s position during the heating process.
  • When it is ready for use, the IQOS ILUMA will start to vibrate twice: once to alert you that it has begun heating and again when it is finished.
  • Terea Silver represents a well-balanced blend of toasted tobacco and mildly spicy herb fragrance notes. It has a subtle menthol and tobacco flavour.


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