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Lambda CC Black’s uses regulated ceramic tech to heat tobacco with no burning it.

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Customers will enjoy a cleaner and more enjoyable experience thanks to the Lambda CC Black’s cutting-edge heating mechanism, which uses regulated ceramic tech to heat tobacco with no burning it. This creative method also reduces unpleasant odours and eliminates harmful combustion byproducts.


  • Temperature: Variable between 200 and 300 °C
  • Time allotted for smoking: 3–6 minutes
  • Battery: Quick and efficient charging
  • Cleaning: A sizable heating area and auto wash
  • Type-C charge port for charging
  • Blade: Constructed from titanium, which virtually never breaks
  • LED indication light: provides status updates about the battery.

How to use

Determine the temperature:

  • To adjust the temperature, click the + or – buttons.
  • You have a range of 200C/392F° to 300C/572F° to pick from.
  • Select any button to proceed.
  • Click the control button to set the duration of use. The cycle digits will flash five times.
  • To adjust the duration of use, click the + or – buttons. You can select a duration of three to six minutes.
  • Select any button to proceed.
  • Put the HeatStick in.
  • Activate by holding down the control button.
  • When heating starts, the device begins to shake and the temperature figures will change.
  • Temperature-based heating times vary.
  • When ready to use, the device will vibrate and the desired temperature will appear on the screen.
  • Vibration warning prior to cycle termination
  • When the cycle ends, the device begins to tremble and go back to the home screen.
  • By lifting the HeatStick out and pushing the cap up, you can remove it.


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