LAMBDA CC Army Green

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LAMBDA CC Army Green is an extremely robust gadget that can hold forty heat sticks because to its 3200mAh battery.

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The Lambda CC gadget is currently offered by IQOS Dubai and comes in the following five colours: Black, White, Grey, Red, and Army Green. Up to 55 continuous uses of this potent Heat-not-Burn gadget are possible before it needs to be charged. With its organic light-emitting diode screen, users have total control over their experience, being able to read and modify the smoking temp and usage time with ease.

The heating blade of the Lambda CC gadget is made of an alloy of titanium steel, which makes it strong and resilient and prevents breakage. It is an extremely robust gadget that can hold forty heat sticks because to its 3200mAh battery. Cleaning is also made simple and convenient by the auto cleaning option and the incredibly big heated space. Burned heat sticks may be easily removed thanks to the inbuilt magnetic cap and the Type-C charge connector, which both enable rapid and effective charging.

Furthermore, customers may personalise their experience with the Lambda CC gadget by choosing to buy it with a heated rod or a flat blade. This gadget, which works with all types of heat sticks, is ideal for IQOSDubai clients who desire a strong and customised Heat-not-Burn experience.


  • Heating element: heating blade made of titanium steel alloy
  • Capacity of battery: 3200 mAh
  • Time spent smoking: 3–6 minutes
  • between 200 and 300 °C
  • Compatible with: Fiit OLED HD display, HEETS, Parliament, all IQOS Marlboro heat sticks; auto-cleaning; extra-large heating area; Type-C charging port
  • Added attributes consist of:
  • Voltage input: 5V/2A
  • Material: alloyed aluminium
  • enduring and robust heating blade
  • holds forty hot sticks at a time.
  • Mass: 73 grammes
  • Origin nation: China

How to use

The following are guidelines on how to utilise the Lambda CC Army Green:

  • Change the temperature to a range of 200–300°C.
  • Vary the duration by three to six minutes.
  • Utilising the Type-C port, charge the gadget.
  • Use the magnetic cap to remove burnt heat sticks.
  • Utilise the tool with a heated rod or a flat blade.
  • Utilise the tool for roughly forty heatsticks.
  • Give the gadget a two-and-a-half-hour charge


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