IQOS Lemon Cleaning Sticks 30 STICKS per BOX

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IQOS Lemon Cleaning Sticks are used to clean the inside of IQOS holders of cigarette residue.

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Cleaning using IQOS Lemons The purpose of sticks is to clean other e-cigarettes and IQOS holders. Tobacco residue is eliminated by applying a coating of cleaning solution. The sticks can reach places that are difficult to reach since they are flexible and soft.

Your IQOS can be cleaned by:

  • Slide the cleaning tool’s sweeping head open.
  • Place the object and the heating edge in alignment.
  • No need to twist; insert smoothly
  • Remove the debris from the blade’s edge by swiping side to side from left to right.
  • To check for any residue left behind, gently tap your gadget once again.



The following details relate to the IQOS Lemon Cleansing Sticks:

  • Composition: Cotton swabs
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.4 in.
  • Number of sticks: thirty per box
  • Taste: Lemon
  • Style: Dual-headed
  • Coating: A method of cleaning

How to use

The procedures for cleansing an IQOS holder are as follows:

  • The holder should cool.
  • Take off the cap.
  • Divide the cleaner’s two components apart.
  • Put the holder within the extended brush.
  • Make sure the heater is clean by turning it.
  • Clean the cap with the short brush.
  • To get rid of any sticky parts, use the hook.
  • To get rid of any last traces of tobacco, gently touch the cap.


For best results, apply the IQOS Lemon Cleansing Sticks once a day.


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