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IQOS ILUMA One pack Dusk Red likewise has a superior cleaning process, making it more straightforward to clean and keep up with. Because of the no-sharp edge plan, there is compelling reason need to clean the gadget in the wake of utilizing it. Likewise, it can convey twenty meetings of TEREA tobacco sticks with only one charge.

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The new polished and smooth IQOS ILUMA One unit Dusk Red is here. This IQOS 4.0 has a fourth era redesign with astounding highlights. Presently you can appreciate more puffs with only a press of one button. The redesigned plan and new innovation assist you with getting an extraordinary tasty vaping experience. Its intensity not-consume innovation guarantees that the vaping temperature is controlled to guarantee a smooth and pleasant experience. The battery limit is expanded to 2380 mAh for a more drawn out vaping time

IQOS ILUMA One unit Dusk Red has a snappy and exquisite plan which makes it exceptionally alluring to check out. With its smooth dark body, it is the ideal ally for all your vaping experiences. Its ergonomic plan empowers agreeable and secure dealing with while hefting it around.


Product Name- IQOS ILUMA ONE Kit Sunset Red

Device Brand – IQOS ILUMA ONE

Device Colour – Sunset Red

Number of sessions with one full charge – 20 sessions

Charging Time – 90 min

Holder Dimension and Weight Height – 121.6mm, Width — 30.6mm, Diameter – 16.4mm, Weight – 68.5g

Charging port – USB-C

Battery capacity – 1728mAh

Operating temperature – 0°C ~ 40°C

Bluetooth Connectivity – Yes

Device Compatible With – TEREA Smartcore sticks

How to use

  • Watch out for your IQOS ILUMA ONE battery level through the simple to-utilize button. Assuming you notice its running short, basically interface the gadget to the included power connector and let it charge. Notwithstanding, in the event that your battery has completely depleted of force, it can require as long as 90 minutes for the charge to finish.
  • To turn on or off your gadget, basically press and hold the button for four seconds.
  • Delicately open the cap and cautiously place a TEREA stick into the channel, trying to appropriately situate it so that its opposite end is confronting outward. To guarantee that IQOS ILUMA ONE is effectively enacted, press and hold the button for something like one second until you feel a vibration from the gadget and notice its Status Light(s) pulse(s). For ideal preheating, keep up with the TEREA stick in its assigned spot. At the point when your IQOS ILUMA ONE vibrates and Status lights stay static, you’re prepared to start utilizing it!
  • At the point when you recognize a further buzz joined by only one iridescent white blaze, your IQOS meeting is almost finished (30 seconds or two puffs are left). Easily eliminate the TEREA stick from its holder by pulling it vertical. At last, move to safely encase the cover.


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