IQOS ILUMA Neon Limited Edition

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A more modern take on smoking is the IQOS ILUMA Neon Limited Edition. It heats the tobacco within the TEREA stick via induction using a metal heating element.

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IQOS ILUMA Neon Limited Version is a heat-not-burn gadget that heats tobacco sticks with no burning them thanks to Smart Core Induction SystemTM technology. The apparatus guarantees a constant smoking experience by dispersing heat across the tobacco stick in an even manner.

You can see the brilliant light at the end of your IQOS ILUMA Neon Limited Edition cigarette while you smoke thanks to its transparent cartridge. To fit your personality and taste, it is available in a selection of beautiful and basic colours.

With a main unit charging cycle of twice every twenty, the IQOS ILUMA Neon Limited Edition weighs 2.5 oz (68.5 g). The connector is USB Type-C.


The IQOS ILUMA Neon Limited Edition’s specifications:

  • Dimensions: 16 cm in diameter by 14 x 1.8 x 4 cm
  • Colours: the pocket charger has a textured colour covering, while the outside is violet with a magenta gloss inside.
  • Cleaning: Since it has no blades, there is not requirement to clean it.
  • Uses TEREA tobacco buds for their tobacco sticks.
  • Before using, let the device fully charge for around 135 minutes.

How to use

Utilising the IQOS ILUMA Neon Edition Ltd., you are able to:

  • Use a power adapter and charging cable to fully charge your smartphone (this will take about 135 minutes).
  • For four seconds, firmly press the Pocket Charger button, then let go.
  • Put in a SMARTCORE STICKTM very gently.
  • The TEREA stick is heating up when there is a single vibration and slow pulsing of the lights.
  • It is ready for usage when it has two vibrations and the light(s) on.



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