IQOS 3 Multi Kit Velvet Grey

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IQOS 3 Multi Velvet Grey is a tobacco warming framework that comprises of two sections: a warmed tobacco unit and a coordinated item. The last option incorporates a holder and charger, permitting you to utilize it on different occasions prior to expecting to re-energize the battery.

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IQOS 3 Multi Velvet Grey, the upset in current smoking. Disregard normal cigarettes, with this smooth and imaginative gadget you can now partake in the entirety of your #1 flavors with the accommodation of innovation. The IQOS 3 Multi Velvet greyis loaded with elements, for example, temperature control, enduring battery duration, and pocket-sized transportability. Partake in the rich kind of your #1 tobacco without stressing over destructive smoke and scents.

IQOS 3 Multi Velvet Grey is a consolidated gadget that is both versatile and lightweight. You can involve it for 10 consecutive meetings without re-energizing it. The 800 mAh battery limit can keep you puffing away for a really long time, and the temperature control include guarantees that your tobacco is warmed to the specific right temperature like clockwork.

The gadget warms the tobacco to 350°C, which discharges nicotine and different mixtures as a nicotine-containing fume that is 95% less destructive than tobacco smoke. This permits you to smoke with practically no adverse consequences.


Product Name –  IQOS 3 Multi Kit Velvet Grey

Device Brand – IQOS 3 Multi

Device Colour – Velvet Grey

Number of sessions with one full charge – 10 Sessions

Charging Time – 75 Min

Device Dimension and Weight Height – 119.25mm, Width – 25.42mm, Diameter – 15.1mm, Weight – 50 Gram

Charging port – USB-C

Battery capacity – 830 mAh

Operating temperature approx. – 0°C – 50°C

Bluetooth Connectivity –   Yes

What is in the box – IQOS 3 MULTI Pocket Charger, IQOS Cleaner, IQOS Cleaning Sticks, USB Cable, USB-C cable to charge the IQOS 3 MULTI Pocket Charger, AC Power Adaptor

Device Compatible With – Heets Classic, Heets Dimensions, Heets Creations, Heets Fiit, Heets Parliament


    1. TURN ON: To launch your gadget, press and hold the IQOS Multi Button for four seconds, then discharge it. Accordingly, the Battery Status Light and Button will start to flicker.


    1. OPEN: Delicately turn the top in a counter-clockwise bearing to open it.


    1. Embed HEATSTICK: Cautiously addition and press the HeatStick to the line on the channel.


    1. Begin Warming: Keep the button discouraged until you feel a vibration from your IQOS Multi, and try to notice both the throbbing white light on the Button and Status Light.


    1. Start USE: To get everything rolling with your IQOS Multi gadget, hang tight for two vibrations and affirm that the Button and Status Light are a reliable white tone.


    1. Almost COMPLETE: IQOS Multi will radiate two vibrations and the Button and Status Light will beat white to show that main 30 seconds remain.


    1. Eliminate HEATSTICK: Raise the Slide Cap and eliminate the exhausted HeatStick.


  1. TO CLEAN: For the best insight, slide your Slide Cap up and off. Basically embed the exceptional Cleaning Device and pivot it a couple of times. Doing this day to day will keep your gadget in ideal condition!


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