IQOS 3 DUO Ryo Edition

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The IQOS 3 DUO Ryo Version is a creative contraption that makes it a lot easier to participate in the custom of smoking without agreeing to less on taste. Its sans two warming parts give a generous and truly wonderful experience, while its pocket-sized plan simplifies it to assume with you any position you go.

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IQOS 3 DUO Ryo Version is one more progression in smoking advancement that is the best blend of solace and pleasure. It features two independent warming parts, so you can see the value in up to two times the satisfaction in one device. With its profitable pocket-sized plan, you can participate in your main tobacco flavours whenever and any spot you go.

This contraption is made by Philip Morris Around the world (PMI), a worldwide tobacco association with a deep rooted commitment to carefully conveying and advancing things that surrender developed smokers better choices rather than cigarettes. With IQOS 3 DUO Ryo Version, they have taken their dedication to careful headway beyond anyone’s expectations. It is arranged so it grants grown-up smokers to participate in the delight and custom of smoking, while basically lessening the bet related with cigarettes.

This contraption relies upon a warming system that warms the tobacco rather than consuming it, and that suggests that it conveys no smoke, trash, or fragrance. Furthermore, the IQOS 3 DUO Ryo Version goes with an extent of collaborators to guarantee you benefit from your smoking experience, including a warmed tobacco unit that is called Intensity Sticks, a charger, and an IQOS holder. Practically 7.3 million smokers have done the change to our tobacco warming system, IQOS.


Product Name – IQOS 3 DUO Ryo Edition

Device Brand – IQOS 3 DUO Kit

Device Colour – Sky Blue

Operating temperature – 0 – 50 °C (32 – 122 °F) approx.

Battery capacity – 2900 mAh

Device type- Two-piece device, Holder inside Pocket Charger

Number of consecutive sessions without recharging – 1 Session

Number of sessions with one full charge – 20 Sessions

Pocket Charger charging time – 120 min for 20 holder charges

Holder charging time – 3 min 30 sec

Automatic cleaning – YES

Bluetooth –  YES

Charging port type – USB-C

Heatstick warm-up temperature – 300 – 350 °C (570 – 660 °F)

Heatstick warm-up method from – Within

Heatstick warm-up time – 10 sec

Pocket Charger dimensions – 114.7 х 46.3 х 22.9 mm (4.52 x 1.82 x 0.90 in)

Holder dimensions Length – 92.3 mm (3.63 in), Diameter: 14.4 mm (0.57 in)

Holder weight – 22 Gram

Pocket Charger weight – 103 Gram

Device Compatible with – Heets Classic, Heets Dimensions, Heets Creations, Heets Fiit, Heets Parliament

How to Use

Step 1): Power on the IQOS Holder by squeezing and holding the button at the top for 4 seconds. To decide the battery level, notice the marker lights on your gadget. Assuming both are enlightened, you can be guaranteed that it is completely energized and prepared to utilize! If by some stroke of good luck one light is on, you have sufficient battery for one use, and on the off chance that no lights are on, you really want to re-energize the holder.

Step 2): Find a Heets stick into the holder without turning it, as winding might destroy the sharp edge.

Step 3): Subsequent to embedding the Heets stick, immovably press and hold down the holder button. It will vibrate and a sluggish beating of lights will demonstrate that it is starting to warm up. At the point when the two vibrations are felt and both status lights stay lit, you can certainly utilize your gadget.

Step 4): At the point when you feel the vibrations briefly time, your IQOS meeting is reaching a conclusion. Open up the 3 Couple Holder and gently take out the Heets stick. Tap on the holder button to ensure that everything is working appropriately. One light ought to show there’s as yet one more utilize left before this meeting closes! Revel in the lavish IQOS experience or re-energize your holder and prepare for another astonishing meeting.


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