Heets Dimensions Ammil

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This citrusy known as Heets Ammil, warm mix highlights nutty and fruity notes that are exceptionally exquisite. You will feel its empowering smell with each puff, as it imbues your faculties with flavor. Likewise, the tobacco leaves utilized in the IQOS Heets Aspects Ammil are of premium quality, making it a really tasty smoke.

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You will feel the distinction between a conventional cigarettes once you take the principal swig of this astounding Heets Ammil tobacco stick. This citrusy and nutty mix is an extraordinary option in contrast to cigarettes, giving you similar flavor with none of the harshnesses. The warm, fruity notes are really charming. Additionally, the little size of the IQOS Heets Aspects Ammil tobacco stick makes it very helpful to take around with you. Anyway, why not take a stab at something else?


Product Name- IQOS Heets Dimensions Ammil

Sticks Brand-HEETS made for IQOS (Heets Dimensions Limited Edition)

Box Colour-White box with green border





Aroma Note-Fresh Garden Spice

Total Puffs-14 Puffs

Nicotine/Sticks-0.5 MG / Heets stick

Dimensions-162 x 75 x 47 mm

Box Weight-240 Gram

What is in the Box-1 Carton (20 Packs / 200 Heatsticks)

Total Flavors-3 Flavors


Sticks Compatible With-IQOS 3 DUO Originals, IQOS 3 Duo Kits, IQOS 3 Holders, IQOS 3 Multi & IQOS lil Solid 2.0


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