Heets Purple Wave With Free Cleaning Sticks

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IQOS Heets Purple Wave has undertones of wild spices and blueberries, along with deep forest fruit flavours and menthol.

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IQOS Heets Purple Wave comes in a five-box set with 1000 sticks and 30 bonus cleaning sticks. There are 20 sticks in each pack, and there are 200 sticks in each carton.

The tobacco stick called IQOS Heets Purple Wave is intended for use with IQOS devices.

It smells like wild berries and tastes like soothing menthol.

It also has undertones of wild spices and blueberries, along with deep forest fruit flavours and menthol. There is 0.5 mg of nicotine in each stick.  IQOS Heets Purple Wave contains addictive nicotine and is not risk-free. Adults only should use it.


Heets Purple Wave five-box set with complementary cleaning sticks contains:

  • Five boxes
  • 50 pieces
  • 10,000 sticks
  • Thirty gratis cleaning sticks


A tobacco combination with hints of menthol and a scent reminiscent of juicy woodland berries is called Heets Purple Wave. Along with undertones of wild spices and blueberries, it also has flavours of deep forest fruits.

When the IQOS is cleaned with the special cleaning sticks after every box of HEETS (twenty tobacco sticks), it functions at its best.  You can only use the Heets Purple Wave with IQOS devices.

How to use

IQOS Heets Purple Wave tobacco sticks should be used as follows:

  • Put the stick in the Holder for IQOS.
  • Hold down the Holder’s button until it begins to vibrate.
  • The gadget is heating up if there is one vibration and steadily pulsing LEDs.
  • When your device has two vibrations and a light on, it is ready for usage.
  • A single HEETS stick may operate for up to 14 puffs or 6 minutes.


The blend known as IQOS Heets Purple Wave begins with a taste of soothing menthol and releases an aroma of wild berries.

With the IQOS tobacco heating device, customers receive their nicotine fix by wrapping their tobacco in a unique paper. After being heated up inside the IQOS, these so-called “heatsticks” release nicotine along with other tobacco flavours and components for users to inhale.


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