Why should you consider switching to IQOS Heets?

Normal tobacco cigarettes are harmful for our health, and this is known to all of us. The IQOS has emerged as the perfect alternative that can help you to enjoy the taste of tobacco without risking your health. In the IQOS device, the tobacco is merely heated and not burned. As a result, the user does not expose toxic smoke that is usually released when tobacco burns.

What is the life of the typical IQOS Heet stick?

A single Heet stick can last for more than one dozen puffs or the same duration of a normal cigarette. You can find the heat stick in many flavors and varieties. The team of Trusted Heets Dubai only deals in quality IQOS Heets that are safe for consumers and have sufficient service life.

Is there presence of nicotine in the Heets?

Yes, some nicotine is present in the Heets. Generally, 0.5 mg of nicotine is present in the Heets, but the final quantity depends on flavors.

Why are flavors of IQOS heets becoming so popular?

Almost all the flavors of IQOS Heets are very strong and offer a rich, memorable and seamless experience. All the flavors carry a rich aroma and taste. We recommend you must try the Heets flavors. Just browse through our vast collection and collect information about the enticing flavors.

What are the multiple advantages of using the IQOS Heets?

In comparison to the vaping devices and regular cigarettes, the IQOS Heets is much superior due to the following reasons: Toxic chemicals are not present Limited use of nicotine Ash and smoke are not generated by the device Normal and fragrant smell The best alternative to normal tobacco cigarettes A safer and healthier alternative

Is it possible to use the Heets without the IQOS device?

No, it is not possible to utilize Heets just like regular cigarettes. The Heets sticks are designed and created to be used with the IQOS heating system. This device is completely safe for human health. There is no toxic smoke, and you can use the device without any trouble.

How does the IQOS Heets taste and smell?

The taste of the IQOS Heets depends on the flavor that you have selected. You can choose the flavor based on your personal taste. Similarly, the smell of the IQOS Heets also depends on the flavor that has been selected. Please note that the smell of the sticks is light and gentle. IQOS devices have become popular because they don't leave behind any mark or irritating smell. Surely, you will sense a cool aroma.

How often should the user charge the IQOS device?

After every use, you should consider charging the IQOS device. After using the device, clean it very delicately and close the lid before charging. High-quality cleaning accessories should be used for cleaning IQOS devices. In most models, you will find LED light that indicates that the device is charging.

Why should I use your platform for purchasing IQOS Heets?

On our website http://trustedheetsdubai.ae/, you can easily find a large assortment of IQOS Heets. We only deal in stylish, high-quality, reliable IQOS devices. You will quickly get the delivery of the Heets after placing the order. Our IQOS and Heets flavors carry a reasonable price tag. The products supplied by us are thoroughly inspected for quality.

Can the IQOS help if you have plans to quit smoking?

Many smokers have admitted that after using IQOS, it has become easier for them to quit smoking. Many smokers even reduce their smoking rate and ultimately it helps them to quit the harmful smoking. The IQOS is much safer when compared with traditional cigarettes that produce toxic smoke.