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Three Things You Should Know about IQOS Devices and Heets

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The miniature tobacco sticks that are heated in an IQOS gadget are known as heat sticks or Heets in Sharjah, UAE. I-Quit-Customary Smoking (IQOS) is considered to be a safer option as compared to smoking regular cigarettes where tobacco is combusted using a flame. Plus, there is an array of different flavors available for different tastes. 

But before you go ahead to try these amazing flavors, here are 3 things you should know about IQOS Devices and Heets:

1 Durability of an IQOS device 

This is something one cannot predict in advance. There are several factors that determine the life expectancy of an IQOS device, including how you handle and keep it, gadget quality, and use designs. These IQOS gadgets are supposed to be used for a certain number of cycles for heating tobacco sticks. Each round of warming one tobacco stick is considered one cycle. 

Though the number of cycles an IQOS device can handle chnages from one model or brand to another, most of these gadgets can withstand somewhere around 20 cycles or a little more. Needless to mention, cautious use and regular cleaning can increase the durability of your gadget. So, it’s all about how you use it. 

2 Heets vs regular cigarettes in terms of nicotine content

Again, the comparison depends on several factors like brands and variants. Heets and regular cigarettes are used to meet a similar need. In any case, you are supposed to use Heets with IQOS gadgets only; that’s what they’re meant for. You cannot go ahead to use them in a cigarette or as you want. It might cause more harm and land you in a challenging situation. 

Heets have genuine tobacco as their content, yet the amount nicotine is obviously not exactly as regular cigarettes. The nicotine content in Heets Abu in Dhabi may vary based on the particular variation, and it is different for different Heets brands. So, you can keep it safe by checking the content beforehand and ensuring that you enjoy the experience while avoiding the harm as much as possible. 

3 Difference between IQOS and vaping

Many factors, such as the systems and types of substances used in the devices, make IQOS very different from vaping. IQOS uses tobacco sticks to create the experience for the person having it, while vaping uses e-fluids (liquids mixed with nicotine) to create a spray which the person inhales. 

The e-fluids used for vaping usually contain much more amount of nicotine compared to IQOS. So, its clear that IQOS are a more secure option for smokers looking for an alternative.

In a nutshell

The Heets IQOS in Dubai is based on heat-not-consume innovation, that warms up the Heets tobacco sticks as opposed to smoke consumption in the case of cigarettes, ensuring less unsafe synthetics compared to regular cigarettes and other smoking practices. So, it can be said that it is obviously more secure than smoking if both are compared.

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