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Enjoy safe smoking with IQOS Heets

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There are various reasons why people get addicted to smoking. It may be work stress, family pressure or depression. That’s why they get addicted to tobacco, cigarette smoking etc. However, due to the growing awareness about the harmful effects of smoking, people are switching to other safe options like IQOS Dubai because it’s quite a daunting task to quit smoking all at once. It’s one of the best alternatives for chain smokers. It satisfies your urge to smoke as well as reduces the number of times a person smoke.

Multiple benefits

  • First thing is, it’s a heat-not-burn product which doesn’t create smoke.
  • It produces less smell as compared to traditional cigarettes.
  • The chemicals released are less harmful if you compare it to cigarettes.
  • It gives the feel of smoking without burning tobacco.

A safe method of smoking

Now people are quite conscious about their health. They want to as everyone has some reasons behind it but they want to opt for a method of smoking which gives satisfaction and it should be safe. For them, Heets in Dubai is the best option.

What makes us apart?

The adverse effects of cigarettes are known to everyone. Even the chain smokers want to get rid of this habit but it’s quite difficult for them to get detached from it. For them, IQOS Dubai has brought a wonderful option. These heet sticks work with devices. It doesn’t leave any odor. You often observe that when anyone smokes, it’s difficult to tolerate. The person smoking as well as the people around him starts coughing due to the emission of smoke but our product is quite safe and you can enjoy smoking without disturbing others.

How does it work?

The IQOS heats the heet sticks but does not burn the tobacco-filled sticks. It is battery-powered. After inserting the sticks, you need to hold the button for a few seconds then the LED light will flash which shows the device is heating. After that, it’s ready for use.

 Can be used inside your home or building

One of the advantages of Heets in Dubai is that it can be used indoors. It has been said that you should not smoke inside your home because there are kids & old members to whom it can harm a lot. But our product is free from all these things. After using heets you don’t have to open the windows of your home.

No foul odor

Our product doesn’t leave any bad smell after use. You see after usage of any ordinary tobacco stick, it leaves a smell on hands, clothes as well as in the surroundings. But the heet doesn’t disappoint you.


These devices are out of the box because of their wonderful features and design. Not only this, it comes in various colors. In addition to it, the heet sticks come in different flavors like menthol, chocolate etc.

Quick delivery

You don’t have to wait for long, as we give fast delivery as soon as you place your order. For payment, you don’t need to worry. We accept online payment as well as cash.


We give standard quality products at low cost. You have to pay for the quality. No extra charge is taken. So, place your order & enjoy.

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