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5 Heets Flavors You Must Try in 2024

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For people who love to smoke their worries away, a new alternative available on the market acts as a magnet. And if the product is available in different exciting flavors, it becomes an instant hit among them. Joining the same row is Heets in Sharjah, UAE. People love its irresistible smokey feel without having to burn tobacco like it happens in the case of cigarettes. The best part of using Heets is their non-combustible mechanism. These devices don’t burn tobacco. They supply the nicotine without burning it. That’s the best part. 

If you’re a nicotine lover, here are some Heets flavors you should definitely try this year:

Heets Pearl

Heets Pearl makes you look for some extra wonderful puffs — thanks to the pinch of restoring menthol in it! Get ready to immerse in each puff that takes over your senses and deepens the experience beautifully. Go ahead and make a purchase from their official website and lose yourself to the irresistible experience that asks for more. 

IQOS Heets Classic (Kazakhstan) Flavors

A liberal sweet-smelling mix is waiting for you! Treat yourself with a unique assortment of different flavors, ranging from nutty golden, dull cocoa, new mint, and succulent blueberries to the refreshing citrus flavors! All that designed to treat you with the needed supply of nicotine without burning tobacco. 


TEREA comes in several variants, all designed for specific needs and tastes. Whether you wish to dive into a refreshingly sophisticated aroma that leaves you thrilled or wish to experience a premium tobacco mix with dry fruit and quality cocoa tones creating a fragrant, rich combination, you can choose what suits you.

IQOS Heets Parliament Flavors

The Russian Parliament Flavors offers a smooth yet strong experience. This variant of Heets in Abu Dhabi creates an aromatic experience that includes a soft woody surface with tropical natural products, cocoa, spices, and menthol for a mind-boggling hit. It won’t be possible to conclude the experience in words, so better you try it yourself! 

Heets Fiit Flavors

This is something unique! Heets Fiit range comes in four unique flavors, each offering an unmatched blend of zesty flavors with citrusy notes. The flavors are designed to improve one’s experience in a smooth pleasantness to feel more secure.

Try any of these Heets flavors this year

What’s the best thing about these Heets flavors? These heat-not-burn products use actual tobacco for real experience instead the flavored e-liquid which is usually used in e-cigarettes. And here’s the twist! 

The idea behind these Heets flavors is to allow you to have an experience similar to that of smoking a regular cigarette, or let’s a more immersive one — and it happens without actually inhaling combusted tobacco. As these products “heat” the tobacco not “burn” it, they save you from the harmful effects of burned tobacco. If you’re looking to try Heets IQOS in Dubai, you can try any of above recommendations and enjoy your quality time with friends.

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