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The best Heets IQOS UAE

Purchase the best Dubai IQOS from us. We offer genuine, high-standard IQOS devices as well as exciting Heets flavors. We offer a huge selection of products, and our customer support service is outstanding. All the IQOS devices and Heets flavors are available at an unbeatable price. The Heets flavors showcased on our website have been arranged from the best sources.

Heets Pearl

With a powerful intensity not-consume innovation, the Heets Pearl humors you in an upgraded insight with additional wonderful puffs that blow your faculties with a sprinkle of restoring menthol. Partake in an amazing punch of new berries and scrumptious nursery natural product with each puff that overpowers your faculties and overwhelms your experience.

  • AED 109.00

    IQOS Heets Arbor Pearl, containing the extract of garden fruit and freshness of menthol. Say goodbye to traditional smoking and...

  • AED 109.00

    IQOS Heets Sun Pearl is the ideal combination of refinement and summery freshness enriched with the goodness of summer berry...

IQOS Heets Classic (Kazakhstan) Flavors

With this liberal sweet-smelling mix, the Heets Exemplary reach includes an encounter of sheer fulfillment at its best cost. We present to you the Exemplary Heets range that includes a lively involvement in a wonderful assortment of flavors from dull cocoa, nutty golden, succulent blueberries, and new mint to the restoring punch of citrusy flavors.

  • AED 86.00

    HEETS IQOS Yellow-Green Selection is a unique blend of citrus, mint and menthol that offers a delightful and fresh experience....

  • AED 86.00

    Enjoy freshness of menthol and robust tobacco base with our premium IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection. Experience strong tobacco content with...

  • AED 86.00

    This flavor can be widely enjoyed especially during hot days. Unlike regular cigarette, this will give you ash-free experience without...

  • AED 86.00

    IQOS Heet Yellow Selection is a perfect combination of sweet-sour aromatic notes and subtle tobacco content. Its unique blend provides...

  • AED 86.00

    IQOS Heet Silver Selection is providing natural bliss and refreshment with balanced tobacco content without causing harm like an ordinary...

  • AED 86.00

    IQOS Heet Classic Amber selection UAE is a forerunner in the field of cigarette alternatives, presenting an innovative way to...

  • AED 86.00

    IQOS Heet Purple Wave is the sweet taste of blueberry balanced by the refreshment of menthol and enjoy smooth puffs which...

  • AED 95.00

    HEETS IQOS Bronze Selection is one of the most beloved and unique heet flavors as the blend of rich and...


With this liberal sweet-smelling mix, the Heets Exemplary reach includes an encounter of sheer fulfillment at its best cost. We present to you the Exemplary Heets range that includes a lively involvement in a wonderful assortment of flavors from dull cocoa, nutty golden, succulent blueberries, and new mint to the restoring punch of citrusy flavors.

  • AED 239.00

    These tobacco sticks have a refreshingly sophisticated aroma and a pleasant, fresh flavour that will thrill you with mild spicy...

  • AED 239.00

    IQOS TEREA Bronze is a premium tobacco mix. Dry fruit and cocoa tones abound in this fragrant and rich combination.

  • AED 239.00

    IQOS TEREA Silver is a well-balanced blend of toasted tobacco and somewhat spicy herb fragrance components.

  • AED 239.00

    Terea Yellow is a mildly aromatic combination of tobacco that has hints of light spice. It's a well-balanced tobacco product...

  • AED 239.00

    With hints of nutty and creamy aromas, TEREA Teak sticks are a well-balanced roasted tobacco blend.

  • AED 149.00

    IQOS Heets Terea Seinna is unique flavor offers a harmonic combination of refinement and pleasure, will elevate your smoking experience.

  • AED 239.00

    IQOS TEREA Purple Wave Menthol has a pleasant flavour and low nicotine content. 

  • AED 239.00

    Terea Amber has a comprehensive, roasted tobacco blend, a delicately fragrant note of wood and nut scents, and a balanced,...

IQOS Heets Parliament Flavors

The Russian Parliament Flavors range includes an unbelievably smooth yet strong involvement in considerably more extravagant puffs now. This fragrant experience consolidates a smooth woody surface with traces of tropical natural product, menthol, cocoa, spices, and flavors for a mind-boggling hit for 14 puffs. Having serious areas of strength for an imposing punch of tobacco flavors fulfills your tobacco desires.

IQOS Heets Creations Limited Edition Flavors

IQOS Heets Dimensions Limited Edition Flavors

Heets Fiit Flavors

Heets Fiit range highlights four distinct flavors, every one giving you an unmatched blend of fresh zesty flavors with invigorating citrusy notes to improve your smoking involvement in a smooth pleasantness that restores your spirit and makes your experience more secure.

  • AED 129.00

    Heets Viola sticks have something almost identical "strength" of taste and nicotine center as Heets. It is something that you...

  • AED 129.00

    Heets Regular Fiit cigarettes are likely going to draw in smokers who esteem the kind of commendable tobacco redesigned with...

  • AED 129.00

    Heets Crisp sticks have a hot and invigorating smell and taste. They are delicate with a new citrus flavor. It...

  • AED 129.00

    HEETS FIIT Tropic Wilderness in Dubai these sticks have a red hot and restoring scent. Sensitive, new taste with citrus...

LAMDA i8 Device For Terea Sticks

IQOS ILuma Prime


IQOS Iluma One


IQOS 3 Multy


LAMDA CC And T3 Devices

  • AED 249.00

    The Lambda T3 Army Green has a heated blade made of titanium steel alloy, and a charge time of roughly...

  • AED 249.00

    The Lambda T3 Gold minimises exposure to hazardous chemicals and promotes healthy smoking habits by heating tobacco using a battery-powered...

  • AED 249.00

    The IQOS Lambda T3 Red is intended to have a high-end appearance and feel. It has a stunning crimson tint...

  • AED 249.00

    All IQOS Heatsticks are compatible with the LAMBDA T3 Blue. It is available in a range of hues, such as...

  • AED 249.00

    The Lambda T3 is a reliable appliance that provides temperature control, automatic cleaning, and 18–20 consecutive usage.

  • AED 249.00

    LAMBDA CC Army Green is an extremely robust gadget that can hold forty heat sticks because to its 3200mAh battery.

  • AED 249.00

    Lambda CC Grey is Compatible with Heets OLED HD DISPLAY: Clearly visible, 3200mAh battery that can support up to 40...

  • AED 249.00

    Lambda CC Red has a customizable temperature and smoking time, a 3200mAh battery, and an OLED HD display.

IQOS Accessories

Delivery Options

At Heets IQOS UAE, we offer shipping and cash on delivery option to customers based all across the UAE. Additionally, customers can avail free shipping for orders above 200 AED. Order IQOS Heets online now!


How to Get Home delivery in UAE for free?

The wonderful IQOS experience is presently a couple of moments away. You don't for even a moment need to venture out into the singing sun. At Heets IQOS UAE, we offer you free IQOS heets same day conveyance all around Dubai, UAE, on all orders above 200AED. You'll accept your request inside 2-3 hours for a ceaseless excursion of tomfoolery and fulfillment. Partake in our unimaginable assortment of Heets Dubai, IQOS gadgets, and different extras very close to home.

Is IQOS protected to utilize?

I-Quit-Customary Smoking (IQOS) is viewed as a more secure option in contrast to smoking conventional flammable cigarettes. The IQOS gadgets use heat-not-consume innovation, by which the Heets tobacco sticks are warmed as opposed to consumed, delivering less unsafe synthetics than cigarettes. Hence, it is similarly more secure than smoking, however not totally protected as it actually utilizes nicotine.

How long does an IQOS gadget commonly endures?

There are many variables that add to the life expectancy of New IQOS gadget, including upkeep, gadget model, and use designs. IQOS gadgets are intended to be utilized for a set number of cycles; for each cycle, one tobacco stick is warmed. However the quantity of cycles an IQOS gadget can last shifts from one model to another, the majority of the gadgets can go on around 20 cycles. Be that as it may, cautious use and ordinary cleaning can broaden the life expectancy of the gadget.

What is the contrast among HEETS and ordinary cigarettes as far as nicotine content?

Heets and customary cigarettes fill a similar need; in any case, Heets are explicitly intended to be utilized with IQOS gadgets. Heets contain genuine tobacco, yet how much nicotine is undeniably not exactly conventional cigarettes. The nicotine content in Heets fluctuates relying upon the particular variation or a specific Heets brand.

What are the principal distinctions among IQOS and vaping?

Many variables, for example, systems and substance type, separate among IQOS and vaping. IQOS utilizes tobacco sticks, while vaping includes e-fluids (mixed with nicotine) to make a spray when breathed in. The e-fluids utilized for vaping for the most part contain more significant levels of nicotine than IQOS, which makes IQOS Dubai a more secure choice.

What Is The Lawful Age To Purchase Heets In Dubai?

The public authority in the UAE has essentially determined the legitimate period of residents as 18 years to purchase warmed tobacco sticks and intensity sticks. You should be something like 18 years of age to partake in the unimaginable smoking involvement with Dubai. Note that manufacture or distortion of the age for purchasing these items will be completely energized under the predominant regulation and rebuffed as per the arrangements.

Where Do You Convey Heets, Dubai?

Purchase IQOS Heets on the web and Go anyplace in Dubai, UAE, inside 2-3 hours subsequent to putting in a request on the site Heets IQOS UAE.

What Makes Us Outshine

Fast and convenient delivery

Trusted Heets Dubai believes in fast and convenient delivery. You will quickly receive the delivery of Dubai Heets. We have one of the most finest taste and numerous flavours with us.

Great customer care

We have many satisfied customers who are happy with the performance. Our team provides the best customer care service. Your all the necessities are our utmost priority. we assure to leave you happy and completely satisfied.

Premium and around-the-clock support

Our support team is active around the clock. You can easily buy IQOS Heets of your desired flavor. By just visiting to our website you can easily find plenty of options and you can choose one which is suitable for you.

How is IQOS different from conventional tobacco cigarettes and vape?

Health conscious people are familiar with the adverse effects of tobacco cigarettes and other alternatives. So, they are switching to IQOS Dubai, a tobacco-based device that is gaining popularity for being a safer alternative. The IQOS devices are safe as they work on heat-no-burn technology. We are the leading IQOS UAE supplier. The Heets stick is simply heated in the device, and it is not burned at a very high temperature. When the Heets stick is burned, the device generates toxic smoke but just vapors. Normal cigarettes and vape produce toxic smoke. Trusted Heets Dubai is a leading online supplier of the UAE Heets.

How does the IQOS device work?

IQOS devices are revolutionary because they work on Heat Control Technology. As a prestigious Heets IQOS Dubai supplier, we deal in high-standard models. The Heets sticks are heated by the IQOS device with the help of battery power and a visible vapor is generated. There are three pieces in the IQOS heating kits - The IQOS device, a portable charger and Heets. Feel free to approach us to get the latest models of the Heets UAE. Place an online order with our website and get it delivered directly to your doorstep.

Our IQOS Heets collection is very vast

We offer different types of flavors that you can use with the IQOS systems. When the IQOS device is fully charged, you can use several Heets sticks back-to-back. We also offer IQOS devices in multiple stylish colors. The IQOS devices offered by us are different due to elegant design, features such as ultra-fast charging time. You can use the device conveniently. The customers look for IQOS devices that have sleek design and compact size. You will find great finishing in our UAE IQOS devices. We deal in IQOS and Heets that are delivered to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, etc.

Information about Heets

The miniature tobacco sticks used in IQOS devices are known as Heets or the heat sticks. Various elements are mixed in the Heets Dubai sticks such as nicotine, vegetable glycerin and flavorings such as chocolate, spices, menthol, etc. It is important to note that Heets sticks are designed to function only with the IQOS devices. You can choose the Heets sticks after exploring our collection. The Heets IQOS devices can be used indoors. There will be no need to bother about disturbing smells on clothes or on hands. Call us to learn more about IQOS Heets Dubai.